My Smile File – More!

So I have a friend who lost her job two months ago.  Everyone can imagine what a scary feeling that is – no source of income with bills piling up…  Naturally, she’s been getting more and more concerned about getting a job as her available funds dwindled.  She’s lowered her expectations on the type of job she applied for, she’s pulled weeds for a family member with a landscaping company to make extra money…  She’s tried really hard.

Well, yesterday one of my co-workers walked in my office and as we were chatting he asked if I were looking for another job.  My job is boss so of course I’m not, but I immediately think of my friend.  So I ask a few questions regarding the job and the pay, so on and so forth…

Exactly two months to the day she lost her last job, my friend was hired by another company and will be earning more than she was at the previous one! 

Not to mention the fact that my co-worker came up out of nowhere asking about a job.  He had no idea I had a friend who needed one.  How awesomely amazing is that?!?!


Another one for the smile file – I have another friend who is getting married tonight!!  I must say, I think she and the hubby-to-be are absolutely perfect for each other and it gives me hope of finding my own ‘penguin’ one day.  (You all know penguins mate for life, right?  Ok.)

Anyway, it’s a good day in Myraville.  I’m so, so happy for both my friends.  They are both excellent women and outstanding friends.  They deserve the best.

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