I found some pics!

Playing on my computer yesterday and I came across some pictures I took back around Thanksgiving which I spent with a friend and her family.  Knowing I love nature they took me to a local area with waterfalls.  How I completely forgot the pictures existed is beyond me but it was certainly nice to relive the memories!  Here are some of them:

Isn’t it beautiful?  I love places like that.


To update on my self-imposed healthy life challenge, week 1 is almost over and though there has been no exercise this week, I haven’t picked up fast food.  Except this morning.

Don’t judge!  Girls Night was last night and I barely woke up at all this morning, much less woke up early when I could always just stop by and pick up breakfast on the way.  Then I comforted myself with thoughts of how well I’ve done all week and how such dedication deserves a reward.  Obviously.

But I’m on the challenge for lunch today.  Back on track and focused!  I have my lunch here with me at work.  I have plans in place for both dinner tonight and breakfast in the morning so I’m set for at least another day or so!  Project Healthier Me recommence!


I just realized I never updated on Bean.  If anyone’s following…it’s dead in the water.  But that’s a good thing because I already have my life together.  I don’t need someone to come along and mess that up, nor do I need a fixer-upper project.  My house serves that purpose just fine, thank you.

So it’s amazing what you learn about people and how different they can be from the first impression to reality.  It brought to mind a very true quote I’d read of Maya Angelou’s.

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

I don’t just make excuses.  I make excuses for them when they don’t even want one!  Like the guy’s practically screaming, ‘Hey, I’m just an ass!’  And then I say, ‘Oh no, you had a bad childhood and you’ve built up walls around your wee little heart….I’ve just gotta jump a little higher and I’ll be able to get over them!!’  Idiot.  I’ve gotta stop giving them excuses.

Not sad about it at all.  Really, I’m not.  The warning signs have been posted along the way so I wasn’t blindsided.  And besides, I know my guy’s coming at some point.  And he’s gonna be the bestest!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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