I would like to introduce….

Nacka Nut!  My travel efficionado!!

So here’s the skinny….  Back in 2009 a friend and I travelled to Seattle, Washington for a vacation.  During one of the days there we went on a whale watching excursion (where we saw 0.00 whales, by the way).  On the way back from that trip I saw this beautiful pine tree with giant nuts on it.  Words cannot describe how badly I wanted to turn around and get one of those giant nuts.  However, a) the tree was in someone’s back yard and b) I was driving on a 2-lane road in the middle of a giant line of traffic.  So obviously not bad enough to lose my place in line….


Jump forward a few hours to the next morning and my friend and I are on our way to Mt. Ranier for a driving tour inside the state park.  We decide to stop for a little breakfast at a highly recommended pancake house along the way. 

As we’re driving in the parking lot of the strip mall looking for said restaurant, I spot it.  And I slam on my brakes.

‘OH MY GOD, MEREDITH!!!  LOOK AT THAT NUT!’  <—– That would be me.

Lying a mere 200 yards away in the middle of the parking lot lane is one of those giant acorns I spotted in the tree just the day before.  I had been denied then, but alas, God was on my side.  He brought me an acorn!

‘Well go get it then.’  <—-That would be Meredith, much less excited about the nut than I am.  Her tepid words however, incite the fire in my veins that set me on a mission as I set off at break-neck speed around the practically empty parking lot to get to the giant nut I am sure at least seven other people are also racing for and subsequently I will have to defeat in order to win possession of my beloved nut.

I make it unscathed and open my door to finally grasp it in my clutches as then and only then do I realize it is not so much a nut as it is the top of an old bed post.  Wanh Wanh Wahhhh.

Meredith is in hysterics beside me practically choking on her own evil laughter at the sight of my heart crumbling in disappointment.  This may be a slight exaggeration as I could barely hear over the sound of my own guffawing.

I found it all so amusing that I scooped up that old bed post top to adopt as my own and much like Lambert the Sheepish Lion, the bed post became a nut, and so Nacka was born. 

Such a handsome fella, yes?

As you can see from the pictures, Nacka became my travelling companion on that day.  He enjoyed Mt. Ranier State Park right along with myself and Meredith, turning out to be quite the camera hog.

Over time he has developed quite the personality.  A few months later he accompanied me on my trip to London, UK.

Seen here at Trafalgar Square

It took a while to explain exactly why he couldn’t join the Royal guard at Buckingham.

Showing off in the British Museum.  Like I said…quite the personality.

At the end of last year he also accompanied me and some friends to San Francisco, CA.

You can barely make out the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.  I told you he’s a camera hog.

He acted tough until he actually SAW Alcatraz.

Said he’d climb Bridalveil Falls in Yosemite.  Then he looked up.

So that’s Nacka Nut, my travel efficionado.  Hope you like him as he should be popping up again after my next trip!

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