Starting Over

Just a note to say I’ve moved to a new site – Positively Crystal – and will be starting over again.  Just a few years, or so, later.

I thought this site would’ve been deleted by now, but came across it by accident and started reading some of the stuff I posted.  Man!  What a few years can do.  And not do.

Isn’t this a pretty pink color?  I’m loving it.  What great taste I have!

Oh!  I wrote about THAT?!?!  *cringe*

I would’ve written that differently.  Cut that part out.  Added something here.

Am I a genius?!?  Straight up, I’m pretty sure I am.  I need to tell somebody.

Just a few random thoughts as I scrolled.

Anyway, if anyone wants to pick up and start over with me, check me out at the link above!

It’s brand new.  Three posts in, but the engine will warm up and get trucking soon!

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