Job, Part 1

In my most recent post I gave a review of the book, Game of Thrones when I was a little over halfway through it.  Well, I’ve finished it and already begun book two, A Clash of Kings and seriously, I’m loving these books!  For those of you who don’t know, they have already been made into an HBO series.  If you’ve watched it then the first season takes you right through book one in its entirety.

It’s so not one of my typical reading choices – it’s a fantasy genre book.  Most of the characters are kind of reminiscent of what you would imagine them to be hundreds of years ago when kings and queens ruled, but then there’s this other element that’s a little…well, it’s fantasy and it’s a little out there because that’s what fantasy is, but regardless the books are excellently written and interesting enough to keep my little ADD-ridden mind enthralled.  If you are open to reading things in the fantasy genre and allowing yourself to just enjoy what it is, I would absolutely recommend you doing so.  Two thumbs up!


Switching up the tempo just a little bit, in the midst of reading A Clash of Kings I have begun another book….Job.  Yes, the Job that you’ll find in the Bible.

Lately I’ve been working on my relationship with God.  I’d say over the past 6 months or so.  It first began with me randomly taking myself to church one Sunday morning.  I enjoyed it so much that I’ve continued attending any Sunday I am able, which is most of them.

The church I attend is non-denominational Christian, meaning it’s not Baptist, or Pentecostal, or Church of Christ, or any other denomination, it’s just my church.  Sometimes when I mention that I attend church to other Christians they get excited, but when they find out it’s non-denominational I get this, ‘Oh.  Ok.’ kind of response so I’m fighting the urge to justify my choice right now.  I’m not going to do that though.  I will say that I have ‘ah-ha’ moments almost every single Sunday I am there – be it from the music, the message, a random testimony, or just someone speaking – and that’s all the justification I need.

Wow.  Sidebar much?  Ok.  Anyway, I started going to church.

So a few weeks ago I bought this small reference book called ‘Where to Find it in the Bible’ which is basically set up where you can look up a word dictionary-style and it will give you locations in the bible where that word is referenced.  I’ve used it quite a few times just as a general starting point for daily bible reading.  Two days ago it randomly took me to the book of Job.  And so now, after 465 words we get to the point of this post.  Eureka!

Reading the verse the book pointed me to and then also the ones around it to get a jest of what was happening, I noted there was a certain similarity to what I was reading and the frame of mind I have been in before.  So much so that I decided I wanted to start at Job Chapter 1 and read the entire book.  People, never in my life have I felt any type of desire to read an entire book in the bible.  Recently I have started to read a chapter or so at a time with my daily readings, but that’s about the most I could handle before Mr. Sandman approached with his sleepy dust.  Never has this happened.  Ever.

Does anyone know Job’s story?  Basically he was a righteous man who was extremely prosperous (rich) and suddenly all these things were taken away from him because, from my understanding, Satan said, ‘He’s only righteous because he has such a great life.’ and God responded, ‘Fine.  Take those things away.’  and so Satan did and Job was still righteous.  Satan’s next step was, ‘Those are just things.  He still has his health.’ and God responded, ‘Fine.  Take that away.  Just spare his life.’ and so he did.

I am currently only to chapter 20 but what this book is so far is a record of conversations Job shared with his friends during the worst of this trial where basically, he’s angry and feels as if he’s been deserted by God.  He doesn’t understand how things like this happen to people who are righteous and innocent.

Let me tell you, this book isn’t just speaking to me.  It’s SCREAMING!  The things that Job is saying right now are some of the exact same things I have said before.  Not only that but the things his friends are responding with are some of the exact same things my Christian friends have said to me.  You know, 21st century style of course.  But regardless, the similarities are spooky!  I’m all like, ‘Job!  We’re practically one and the same, dude!’

It’s really blowing my mind at this point.  And I hear it gets better at the end after Job’s, ‘Why, God?’ and God’s parental because-I-said-so spank on the rear of, ‘Because I am the Creator here.  Don’t question me.’  Can’t wait to get to that about-face.  I can only imagine Job will get to the place I am now, and then I will see where we come out at the end.  Are you guys as excited as I am?!?!

With that said, to be continued!