2011 “Non-Resolution” Resolutions Review

This, by the way, is not what I was planning on blogging about today, but I remembered back in January I did a little resolution list (all while claiming I wasn’t a ‘resolution kinda girl’) and thought I might take a look-see and judge my 2011 performance.  Here goes!

#1 – Less procrastination.  HAAAAAAAAHAAAA har dee har har.  Yeah right.

Resolutions 1 – Crystal 0

#2 – Write more.  Well, I think this one I did accomplish.  I wrote more, though not as much as I’d like.  I received a 2011 ‘Year in Blogging’ email this morning and it says I posted 46 times last year.  Out of 365…that sounds HORRIBLE.  But out of 52 (weeks) I guess I didn’t do so bad.

It’s a tie game, folks!  Resolutions 1 – Crystal 1

#3 – Draw more readers to this blog.  Um…I’m going to strike this one as a wash.  My whole idea on this was to ‘advertise’ my blog more which gets a big, fat ZERO.  But I did start using tags more which brought in a little more search traffic.  Ok, I’m stretching here but it’s my party, I’ll stretch if I want to.

Still a tie….

#4 – Make updates on house.  AAANNNNKKKKK!  Did. Not. Happen.  Not even a little bit.

Resolutions 2 – Crystal 1

#5 – Travel.  Surprisingly another no for me.  This one I was pretty sure I’d accomplish just because I love it so.  But nope, I gots nothing.

Resolutions 3 – Crystal 1

#6 – Lower debt.  This is a giant affirmative!  I paid off my car this year, and I also paid off one credit card.  Only one credit card left and I am free of debt – outside of my mortgage.  Yay!  I forgot about that!  If there’s a resolution to have been done, this is the one!  (Secretly I want to give myself two points on this, but that’s only because I want to win so I’ll refrain.)

Resolutions 3 – Crystal 2

#7 – Work on relationships.  I think I can say this is an overall yes!  I feel like my relationships with everyone I listed – God, friends, family – has improved.  It’s always a good idea to work for improvement here so I wouldn’t say it’s complete, but it’s all definitely better.

The final tally…..Resolutions 3 – Crystal 3


2012 has already begun so I guess it’s about time to start making a new list!  (Obviously that whole ‘less procrastination’ thing is going marvelously!)  What to do…what to do…

1.  Put up a Christmas tree next year!  This is number 1 because I am SO mad at myself for procrastinating like I did this year.  I’d decided I wanted to decorate my tree with all handmade ornaments but of course I never made them.  I’m talking a two-foot table tree here, not some 7.5′ mega tree.  How pathetic!  On Christmas Eve I finally pulled out a decorative lighted tree thing just to say I did something.  Booooooooooooooooooooooooo!

2.  Write even more.  Ok, to be more specific than I was last year…my goal is to increase that 46.  How about double it?  At least 92 posts in 2012.  No more two month hiatuses for me!  I’d also like to write for myself but that’s more of a writers block kind of thing and I want this point next year!

3.  Eat less fast food.  This one is like my Achilles Heel.  It’s so easy for me – being a single female with no children – to just run by some fast food joint on my way home and Bam!  There’s dinner!  Eat my burger and fries, throw away the trash and Poof!  No dishes!

Did I mention it was easy?  But really, it’s a startlingly unhealthy habit and besides, I want to become a better cook anyway.  I gotta cut it out.

4.  Stop the negativity.  I don’t believe that whole thing about you can think things into existence or that “the universe” brings you what you believe.  However, I do believe your thoughts and your expectations can influence the way you act, the way you respond, and ultimately the things that happen to you.  My inner voice?  That wench is in for an overhaul in 2012 – and a major one!

5.  Travel.  This year I don’t care if I have anyone to go with me or not.  I’m. Going. Somewhere.

6.  Lower debt even more.  My goal for this year is to cut that last credit card of mine at least in half.

7.  Get crafty!  So with the help of Pinterest I’ve gotten all kinds of crafty lately.  (Haven’t we all?)  I made 4 gifts for different people this year and I’m currently trying to teach myself to knit.  My goal for 2012 is make more stuff!  Get good at it!

Well, I cut off 2011 resolutions at the strangely random #7 so why switch it up this year?  There’s my new 7 for 2012.  Let’s get this party started!