Saturday Mornings with Oliver

Oliver has a couple of rituals he likes to perform on a daily basis.  For example, he knocks my computer mouse off the desk every. single. day.  Nothing else that happens to be sitting on this table gets knocked off.  He just takes particular offense to the mouse.

A new thing he’s developed is our Saturday morning ritual.  Most other days of the week, like most people, I’m up and heading to work; but on the weekends I typically am able to leisurely rise and begin my day on my own schedule.  Or Oliver’s schedule.  Whatever.

Every Saturday morning – Saturdays only, mind you.  Not Sundays. – Oliver takes an interest in the cables on the side of my laptop, trying to make them his newest chew toy.  As a result, he and I spend at least 10 or 15 minutes every. Saturday. morning. having this interaction.


“Oliver.  No.”

As his head ever so sslloowwllyy gravitates back to the cables…”Oliver.  Stop.”


“Whatever!  This is exhausting!  I have to lay my head down way down here.”

Within seconds, “Oliver.  Don’t bite the cables!”


“I’m so bored with these cables.  I don’t even like them anymore!  So unaffected.”

About 3 minutes later he switches sides like he wants to sit with me.  And I fall for it.


“Ok!!!  I’m just gonna touch it with my head.”

“Oliver,”  you know that deep, you’re-about-to-get-it voice.


“My nose!  I’m just touching it with my nose!”

Back to the other side.  “Oliver!  I said no!”


“Ok fine.  My ear.  I just want to hear the motor whir.  I need to hear the whir!!!”


“My paw.  I can’t bite with my paw.  I need to rest my paw right here.”


“Oh my gosh!!!  My nose.  My nose again.”


“Fine!  My other paw.  For real this time.  I’m good.”

After 15 minutes of this.


“You ruin everything.”

Picture Time!

The thing with a cat is that it seems, no matter what mood you are in at the moment, HE miraculously turns out to be feeling the exact opposite.  Last week Tex learned this lesson the hard way as he came in from outside determined to get a little nap in, but alas, Oliver had other plans….

The poor guy!  This is exactly why Oliver is not allowed in the room when I’m sleeping.  I have a co-worker who likes to talk about what good cuddle buddies cats are.  Pshaw, I say!!!   Pshaw!!  It takes one time for you to be awoken from a deep slumber as your hand is accosted during the latest wild cat attack.  I’m telling you…cuddle buddy nothing.  More like field goal practice!

Tex has the doggie patience of Job, I’ve decided.  He let this nonsense go on for probably a good hour off and on before he  half-heartedly gave in and started playing back.

It’s the most precious thing to me, to see this giant dog playing so gently with the insane little kitten.  Occasionally he will forget and rough Oliver up a little bit, but he really is amazingly gentle and loving with him.  All the playing is great, but even better…

Nap time!!  Awww!!!  They really do love each other!


Being a first time cat owner and learning The Ways of The Cat continually entertains me.  Honestly, cats are insane.  At least my cat is.  I feel pretty certain if there were such a thing, I could have him committed to the kitty crazy farm.  For Christmas Oliver got a little feather wand, among other things.  People, this is my own private home comedy show.  There is no limit to what he will do to “kill” his feather toy.  I’m still working on catching some of the best aerobatics he performs daily, but here are a few of my current favs.


And finally, Alabama weather never makes much sense to me.  Fortunately that meant yesterday – the first day of the year – was a nice, breezy 61 degrees outside and it was gorgeous!  Perfect weather to get outside and enjoy!

Kite flying time!!

What an outstanding way to bring in the new year!  Hello 2012!

Beachin’ It

I was browsing through my pictures this morning and realized I took a trip to the beach recently that I’ve already forgotten all about.  You know why I forgot all about it?  Because I spent the entire trip – after day 1 – in the condo with a monstrous head cold.  This normally doesn’t sideline me, but there was also the edge of a tropical storm barreling down the coast with 50 – 60 MPH winds (I think).  Talk about timing!!!

You know what ruins your beach fun more than a tropical storm?  A tropical storm with a head cold cherry on top.  So I spent my time sniffling and sleeping, curled up on in a chair or on the couch or in my bed.

We will not get into why four grown, seemingly intelligent women took themselves down to the beach with an impending tropical storm headed our way instead of running in the opposite direction  like other sane people would do.

Alas, I was not able to take my usual 724 pictures of waves, seagulls, or sand.  Bummer!  But on Day 1 I did manage to take two pretty good pictures.

This was day 1.  Since watching the beach from my condo was about the only thing I could be bothered enough to do, I entertained myself by checking the progression of this chair each morning.  On Day 2 the chair was buried about halfway up in sand.  On Day 3 you could only see the top 3 inches or so, and on Day 4 it was completely covered.  Today, in my healthy state, this sounds extremely boring.  I can assure you at the time it was like watching National Geographic!

Just go with it, ok?

So after I take the obligatory 13 or so pictures of that chair, I wander down the beach.  The storm has not officially arrived yet but the waves are high, water is rough, sky is gray.  There’s not really much to photograph but I can always find something.  This time it was the wheat grass.

Some of you may scoff at the sight of those “high” waves.  It’s Alabama.  Give me a break.  It usually looks like a river out there.

I found some pics!

Playing on my computer yesterday and I came across some pictures I took back around Thanksgiving which I spent with a friend and her family.  Knowing I love nature they took me to a local area with waterfalls.  How I completely forgot the pictures existed is beyond me but it was certainly nice to relive the memories!  Here are some of them:

Isn’t it beautiful?  I love places like that.


To update on my self-imposed healthy life challenge, week 1 is almost over and though there has been no exercise this week, I haven’t picked up fast food.  Except this morning.

Don’t judge!  Girls Night was last night and I barely woke up at all this morning, much less woke up early when I could always just stop by and pick up breakfast on the way.  Then I comforted myself with thoughts of how well I’ve done all week and how such dedication deserves a reward.  Obviously.

But I’m on the challenge for lunch today.  Back on track and focused!  I have my lunch here with me at work.  I have plans in place for both dinner tonight and breakfast in the morning so I’m set for at least another day or so!  Project Healthier Me recommence!


I just realized I never updated on Bean.  If anyone’s following…it’s dead in the water.  But that’s a good thing because I already have my life together.  I don’t need someone to come along and mess that up, nor do I need a fixer-upper project.  My house serves that purpose just fine, thank you.

So it’s amazing what you learn about people and how different they can be from the first impression to reality.  It brought to mind a very true quote I’d read of Maya Angelou’s.

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

I don’t just make excuses.  I make excuses for them when they don’t even want one!  Like the guy’s practically screaming, ‘Hey, I’m just an ass!’  And then I say, ‘Oh no, you had a bad childhood and you’ve built up walls around your wee little heart….I’ve just gotta jump a little higher and I’ll be able to get over them!!’  Idiot.  I’ve gotta stop giving them excuses.

Not sad about it at all.  Really, I’m not.  The warning signs have been posted along the way so I wasn’t blindsided.  And besides, I know my guy’s coming at some point.  And he’s gonna be the bestest!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!