Random Kinda Weekend

Friday at work…Fun me: ‘Hmmm, I want to do something different this weekend.  Europe?’

Logical me: ‘That’s your first suggestion?  Europe?!?!  What lottery did you win today?  Idiot.’

Fun me:  ‘Oh yeah.  Right.  Chattanooga?  Aquarium?  Beach?’

Logical me: ‘Seriously.  4 or 5 hours one way.  What about that bathroom remodel you’ve been wanting to do?  What about the landscaping you want to get done?  New front door?  What about a savings account?  Ever thought of maybe saving up for one of those?’

Fun me:  ‘Wah wah waaaah.  Whatever.  Oooooh!!  Botanical Gardens!!  Only an hour away and free!  I can take lots of pictures of pretty flowers!  Yeah!  Botanical Gardens it is!’

Logical me:  ‘*sigh*  Fine.’

Saturday morning…Fun me:  ‘It’s Botanical Gardens Day!  Yippee!  Let’s go!’

Logical me:  ‘First of all, it’s 6 AMSimmer.  Secondly, since you’ve got some time you should probably do something productive first.’

Fun me:  ‘Oh!  I can paint some of my living room!  Good idea!’

6:15 – It’s the weekend.  Coffee!  Head into kitchen.

6:16 – Oh!  Gotta feed the dog.  And Oliver.  Don’t forget Oliver.

6:24 – Pets fed – check!  Now coffee!  Walk back into kitchen.

6:25 – I should probably study my bible some since it’s the weekend and I have the time.  Plus I have that new concordance and dictionary.  Yay!  I love new stuff!  Hmmm, what should I study?  Trust?  Anger?  Faith?  Probably trust.

6:28 – Bible, concordance, dictionary gathered on kitchen table.  Sit down.  Ooh!  Coffee!!

6:30 – Coffee made in my new giant coffee mug that I love.  Back to the kitchen table.  Look at the books.  I don’t know where to start.  I should probably decide what all I want to do today first.  Well, botanical gardens.  And painting.  Ok, study my bible.  Paint that one wall in the living room.  Get ready.  Botanical Gardens.  Then I should really do some crafty project from Pinterest.  I really want to make that wreath.  Mental Image:

6:34 – That thing is so stinking cute!  And probably really simple.  I can make that for sure.

6:35 – Crack open the dictionary.  Oh my.  There’s a lot going on in here.  How do I….where do…Concordance.  Start with the concordance.

6:39 – Put dictionary aside.  Open concordance.  Trust….  Flip to ‘Trust’.  Oh.  There’s a lot of verses listed.  234?  I mean…  Flip through the pages randomly while my mind is blown.  Oh look!  There’s different stuff in the back!

6:48 – After flipping through all the ‘extra stuff in the back’.  I haven’t done any studying yet.  I just really don’t know what to do with this stuff.  Well, I can at least read that last chapter in James…

6:49 – Gah.  I’m just gonna go ahead and paint.

6:57 – Paint equipment gathered. Well, I should probably get caught up on Draw Something.  I’ll just do that really quick.

7:23 – That took longer than I expected.  Hilary’s gonna love that arcade drawing.  Heeheeehahaaaa!  Painting.  Now.

7:46 – Pulled everything away from the wall.  Swept, cleaned behind loveseat.  Plastic down to cover floor.  Now it’s time to paint.  I haven’t checked Facebook yet today.  Or my email.  I’ll just do that really quick.

8:52 – Oh my gosh!  It’s almost 9!  Get. Off. Pinterest!  You’re gonna waste the whole day if you don’t get up and get started!  You always do this!!!

9:45 – Most of the edging is done.  Now I have to remove the screws from the curtain rod brackets.  Of 6 screws, about 4 of them are stripped out.  Screwdriver…nope.  Rubber band between screwdriver and screw….Pinterest is a dirty liar.  No pliers, what about wire cutters?  Meh.  Ok, butter knife.

10:21 – With random variations of screwdriver, wire cutters, butter knife, and fingers all the screws and brackets are finally removed.

11:08 – First coat of painting – check!  Rest time!

1:02 – Dishwasher loaded, shower, dressed, and now heading up to the Botanical Gardens!!  Yay!  I bet the flowers are gonna be so pretty! I could maybe even go by Old Time Pottery or Whole Foods.  What about that used book store?  I love books!

1:24 – Stop and pick up a little snack.  Get gas.  *Impromptu Christina Perri concert in my car*

1:43 – Almost there!  Yay!  Wait…what’s that billboard?  Giraffe encounter?  At the zoo?  Aw!  I love the zoo!  I could go there instead.  Birmingham Zoo, here I come!

Some of my fav pictures:

They have this ‘aviary’ thing you can walk in and feed these birds nectar.  It’s so fun!!!!

They have two new elephants and have completely revamped their area.  I was so happy about this!  The elephants were playing and having a grand old time.  I probably stood and watched them for 20 or 30 minutes.

See?!?!  How cute is that?!?!?!

Ok, I don’t know about anyone else but if I’m taking a picture and I get direct eye contact from one of the animals….it’s like we share a moment.  I do realize she’s probably thinking it may be lunch time and the short chick with the camera looks like a good start, but stick with me here.  I barely resist the urge to bounce up and down and squeal like a 4-year-old in excitement.  Yes, I am 33 years old.

4:52 – Closing the zoo down.  I must go.

5:20 – Heading back home.  Eh…I don’t think I’ll go to Old Time Pottery or anywhere.  I’m gonna go to Hobby Lobby because I need some shelves and I want to get the stuff for that wreath too.

6:04 – Arrive at Hobby Lobby.  No shelves.  No wreaths.  No yarn for the wreath.  No flowers for the wreath.  Fail to the 4th power.  Oh!  What about those kitchen letters!  Mental image:

6:06 – Found the wooden letters section.  Ok.  E…..A……Oh no.  No ‘T’?  Booooooooo!

6:32 – I’ve wandered around the rest of Hobby Lobby.  Checked out fabrics (because I’ve decided I’ll be making my own curtains), roamed all the knick knacks.  I bet Michael’s will have what I’m looking for.

7:13 – Searched Michael’s.  Found a wreath.  No yarn, no flowers.  Fail.  But I was able to find all three letters and some paint.  Yeehaw.  At least one project.  Now I can head home happy.

Sunday…TV, Facebook, TV, Spider Solitaire.  I could put the second coat of paint on.  TV, Facebook, Pinterest, TV, Spider Solitaire.  I still need to paint those letters.  I’m so excited about the project!  Pinterest, TV.  Game of Thrones marathon (aka TV).  I could read some of my magazines!!

Ok, seriously.  I used to subscribe to 2 or 3 magazines.  Like a year or two ago.  But there came a time when I stopped reading them and they started collecting.  And collecting.  And collecting.  Then the subscriptions ran out but the stack of magazines ‘to be read’ stayed.  Untouched.  A year or two, did I say?  I went through a couple of them yesterday.  When were they from?  2008!  I only wish I were kidding.

I wormed my way through several episodes of Game of Thrones, along with a mixture of internet (Pinterest, Facebook) and Spider Solitaire until about 6 when I decided I’d finally get to those letters.  (For the record, there was also some cleaning mixed in there sporadically.  Dishwasher here, bathroom there, laundry.  I wasn’t completely useless.)  By bed time I managed to complete one letter and now I’ve decided I don’t like the stencil I used so it’s gonna be back to the drawing board on that.  Pictures will be provided at a later date – when I finally get them finished.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my weekend in a glance.

I’m a World Changer!

This is all I’m saying.  I wrote this just 9 short months ago:

J. K. Rowling, we have a problem.

And I went on Amazon.com just this morning to see this bit of news:

Harry Potter on Kindle

Yes, Yes, and another YES!!!!  I can read them now!

Much thanks to Ms. J. K. Rowling for listening to me.  (I’m sure it was me and only me.)

If anyone has some issue they need resolved, just let me know and I’ll fit you in.  Obviously my direct line is working now.


You put your arms around me and I’m home

First off this stuff….

is fantastic!!  My hair was getting a little dry from all the pointless curling ironing I do to it (because my hair refuses to curl.  Ever.) and so I picked up one of these gigantic bottles thinking, ‘Eh.  Maybe it’ll do a little something.’  Well, I’m loving it!  It’s made a huge difference in how my hair looks and feels.  So you know, if you have dry hair, give it a go!  Redken, All Soft shampoo.


So, I’ve been exhibiting some alarming behavior lately…

There’s this guy, you see.  And normally a guy is a pretty private thing in my life.  Like one person may know, if anyone.   I may mention to other people that there is a guy, but it’s more like a, ‘Oh yeah.  A guy exists.  Meh.’ kinda thing.  Because when it comes to men I am nothing if not unaffected.


Over the past few weeks though I’ve felt a bit of a change.  I felt certain urges to actually mention this guy.  In conversation.  With other people.  Not just a ‘he exists, meh’ but more of ‘he said blah blah blah’ followed with choruses of ‘awws’ and ‘how sweets’.  I haven’t, but I’ve thought about it.

A few weeks ago I did mention this friend to my boss.  He doesn’t have a name yet, but I guess I wanted to acknowledge his existence that day.  Then within the past week I’ve mentioned him twice to two different people!  As in I brought it up, and I said to both of them how much I really like this guy.  That. Doesn’t. Happen.

I will say that every time I catch myself doing this I walk away with this sense of, ‘Uh oh.  He’ll disappear now for sure!’ but for now things are still on the upswing.  Thank you, Lord!

Yesterday I was wading through the vast black hole that is Pinterest and suddenly realized everything I’d repinned was posted in my ‘Maybe One Day’ board and we all know what that means.  Hairstyles, decor, even a dress.  What the…hold up!  I need a recipe, stat!  Where’s a coffee filter wreath when you need one?!?!?

Seeing how he’s still a ‘friend’ and not a ‘boyfriend’ I know it seems strange that I would be thinking in that direction but I will say that he’s been around for a bit now.  It may be a little too much but there’s a lot of water under that bridge, and while it seems crazy, it’s not as ‘psycho girl just installed a tracker on your car’ as it sounds.  It wasn’t about writing his last name with my first in a notebook where I’m planning our future dream wedding, it was more about the fact that he makes me think something like that is possible at some point.  And that I want it.  (There is no notebook, btw.)

I’m just saying….This one is something special, I think.  It’s scary, but I’m ready.  Ready, ready, ready.


I hope that you see right through my walls.
I hope that you catch me, ’cause I’m already falling.
I’ll never let a love get so close.
You put your arms around me and I’m home.

~ Christina Perri, Arms