Picture Time!

The thing with a cat is that it seems, no matter what mood you are in at the moment, HE miraculously turns out to be feeling the exact opposite.  Last week Tex learned this lesson the hard way as he came in from outside determined to get a little nap in, but alas, Oliver had other plans….

The poor guy!  This is exactly why Oliver is not allowed in the room when I’m sleeping.  I have a co-worker who likes to talk about what good cuddle buddies cats are.  Pshaw, I say!!!   Pshaw!!  It takes one time for you to be awoken from a deep slumber as your hand is accosted during the latest wild cat attack.  I’m telling you…cuddle buddy nothing.  More like field goal practice!

Tex has the doggie patience of Job, I’ve decided.  He let this nonsense go on for probably a good hour off and on before he  half-heartedly gave in and started playing back.

It’s the most precious thing to me, to see this giant dog playing so gently with the insane little kitten.  Occasionally he will forget and rough Oliver up a little bit, but he really is amazingly gentle and loving with him.  All the playing is great, but even better…

Nap time!!  Awww!!!  They really do love each other!


Being a first time cat owner and learning The Ways of The Cat continually entertains me.  Honestly, cats are insane.  At least my cat is.  I feel pretty certain if there were such a thing, I could have him committed to the kitty crazy farm.  For Christmas Oliver got a little feather wand, among other things.  People, this is my own private home comedy show.  There is no limit to what he will do to “kill” his feather toy.  I’m still working on catching some of the best aerobatics he performs daily, but here are a few of my current favs.


And finally, Alabama weather never makes much sense to me.  Fortunately that meant yesterday – the first day of the year – was a nice, breezy 61 degrees outside and it was gorgeous!  Perfect weather to get outside and enjoy!

Kite flying time!!

What an outstanding way to bring in the new year!  Hello 2012!

2 thoughts on “Picture Time!

    • They’re so sweet together! Yesterday Tex let Oliver wrestle his head then for revenge basically pinned him for a little while. It’s so funny! Next kite flying session you will definitely be invited!!

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