It’s been a while!

Ok I was thinking it’d been a month since my last post but I double checked to make sure and HOLY COW!!  It’s been over TWO MONTHS!!!  What?  Yeah, sorry.  Time flies I guess.

First off, Merry Christmas everyone!  Hope the holidays were happy and jolly for you.  I spent my first actual Christmas in 19 years with my father’s side of the family.  Not my father or brother, but the aunt/uncle/cousins.  That was definitely different!

Truthfully I feel so lame making an update post.  Boo!  But how do you blog after a two month hiatus without acknowledging it?  So here goes.  Bear with the lame and hopefully after this I’ll get back to regular posting.

Well, at least I do have a few small updates!  First off, here are some new pictures of Oliver:

Yep, he’s getting to be a big boy now, and he is definitely all cat!  He climbs, he jumps, he plots and performs sneak attacks, and he’s developed that lovely “selective hearing” thing.  Oh, it’s the best!

His most favorite thing to do is jump on you and attach himself to your leg – or whatever happens to be where his claws land.  I am not exaggerating when I say I have marks all over my legs and hands.

I’ve always thought myself to be an animal lover….but with the introduction of this new kitten phase, I have surprised myself with exactly how many ways I can daydream a cat’s demise. I kid, but seriously, those claws digging into your leg…or your finger…or your stomach…or your chest….there’s been a close call or two.

By the way, is it wrong that the new Burger King fry commercial makes me want McDonald’s fries?  Somehow I think I’m missing the point of their ad….

Anyway, the next update….Tex.

This big fella is the newest addition to my family.  He’s a walking hound mix, and just a giant goofball.  I rescued him from the local shelter last month.  He spends his days destroying my back yard (see that garden hose?  Yeah.) and his nights sleeping on my couch.  He’s the sweetest guy though and I’ve really enjoyed having him around.

Aside from the animal updates, I’ve started exploring my crafty side lately.  I made this log carrier for someone’s Christmas present:

This is not the actual carrier I made as I completely forgot to snap pics before giving it to him, but the one I made does look exactly like it.  I was pretty impressed with myself!

And for Christmas I bought myself a beginner knitting kit.  Um….knitting has not come as naturally to me.  This is my first attempt:

Right.  No one wants a scarf that looks like that….  But this morning I made another attempt:

Some progress!  Again, no one’s gonna want any kind of hot mess like that, but I think I’m at least heading in the right direction!  These, of course, are just practice runs.  Trying to get the process down a little bit before I attempt to actually make anything.

So those are my updates.  I do have an update about a boy – friend not friend right now – but I’m still debating how much I want to share of that.  It’s a little sensitive for me currently due to some drama a few weeks ago and I’m kind of protective at this point.  I might share some general stuff in my next post if I write about what I’m planning.

Anyway, I’m back!!

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