Last week round-up – Smile File

Baby Mia, Baby Mia, Baby Mia!!!!  Biggest news of last week was her arrival!  First child of one of my favorite couples on the planet and it was all such an awesome experience.  And what a precious little baby girl they have now!

I visited the hospital last week and me – the girl who has a probable allergy to generally all things kid related – was holding this brand new little girl in my arms and oohing and aahing all over her in the way I normally roll my eyes at people for, but I couldn’t help myself.  Her sweet little face and her itty bitty baby hands and feet and nose and legs and….  She is so sweet!  Just an amazing time altogether.

I’m pretty sure I heard a second or eight tick by on my biological clock that night, to be honest, but hopefully the fever has passed now.


Second news of the week….

That’s right!  I paid a credit card off!  It was a small one, but that’s $20 a month I have to myself once again.  Only one more credit card to go and I am “bad” debt free!!!  Coincidentally, the payment was made the day after I received the title to my now PAID IN FULL car!  Baby step by baby step.

I’ve worked so hard to finally be able to see this light at the end of the tunnel so I am uuuuuuberrrr excited-o.  So yes, it’s worth blogging about.  Woo hoo!!


Still working on the whole Live Life Well campaign I launched for myself.  No fast food now for almost a month.  And I guess technically I could also include paying off my credit card as part of that.

I think this week I’m going to be trying out a Zumba class at the local Y just to get out there and do something new that is also beneficial.

My DVR box on my main TV has been out almost all week but yesterday, as it turned out to be a home-alone-all-day kinda thing, I discovered that I am actually more productive when I don’t have that thing squawking non-stop.  Go figure.

I did some cleaning, I did some reading, I did some writing, I did a little planning and a lot of thinking.  Of course, when I ran out of all that to do things got a little boring so it’s probably not something I want to let go completely, but maybe it’s time to scale back.  So, new point to consider on the campaign.

Overall I’m happy with the progress so far.  I’m still working on really getting this thing going in a forward motion where I see a real solid change, but every little bit helps.

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