Garden Update

It’s now been a month now and I finally have some blooms!!!  I am so excited!!!!  Here’s the update:

You can see things are filling in.  Not a lot of free space in there anymore!  This has become a bit of a problem for my watermelon on the right bottom corner there as they are beginning to run over the edges.  I’m not really sure what a good solution to that is.  I didn’t think about overflow when they were teeny tiny!

Also, I have put up a temporary trellis for two of my tomato plants as they were starting to fall over.  I cut down some bamboo/sugar cane growing in my back yard for the stakes.  I’m hoping to make something a little more substantial out of them soon.  Maybe like this:

A little less complicated, but you get the idea.

But let’s get to the blossoms!  Oh how I’ve waited to see you!!! 

It’s my first little tomato!!!!  I can’t even explain how utterly ecstatic I was to walk out to my garden this week and happen across this little fella right here!  Success!!

These are my orange bell pepper plants.  You can see the tiny blossoms that I’m hoping will turn into an actual pepper soon.

This is my single cucumber blossom.  I really can’t wait to have cucumbers.  My plan is to make some homemade pickles!  We have a restaurant nearby called Flip Burger and they have some amazing pickles they make in house.  Eating those I thought to myself, ‘I can do that!’  And so I’m gonna give it a try.

My beautiful little squash bloom.  With these I want to make sauteed squash with onions.  I can not wait.  My best friend’s mom made that the other day and it was so deeelicioso I couldn’t help but daydream about my own wee little plants and hope for the chance to make my own.  A few days later this little beauty arrived!

Those wild running watermelon vines I mentioned?  Here you go!  And they’re starting to bloom! 

I can’t tell you what a satisfying feeling it is to see all these wonderful blossoms popping out of the plants I’ve been watching for a month now.  Something about the idea that I’ve done this myself.  It’s awesome!

Alas, not everything is going as well as I would like.  I have two little problems I will be working to fix.  Problem number one:

Some little insect is eating my collards!!!!!!  Can you picture the smoke billowing out of my ears?  I’m trying to keep everything organic so I’ve been doing some research online for what I might use to get rid of these pests.  So far I haven’t found much help but hopefully there will be a breakthrough soon.

Problem number two:

My wee little cabbage sprouts are still wee little cabbage sprouts!  I had a few naysayers when I mentioned I’d planted cabbage seeds.  Apparently they’re a cooler weather crop and should have been planted much sooner than I began mine.  So they may or may not produce and I’m not experienced enough to know if they look normal or what.  Regardless, if this is my only failure, I am a happy little gardener!

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