Garden Update – Two Weeks

Here’s some Then and Now’s for you.

Two weeks ago:

And today:

The squash before:

And today:

Here are the collard greens two weeks ago:

And this is today’s update:

Here’s one of the onions.  I must say I didn’t have much hope for these:

But they look like they’re doing pretty well!

I didn’t take a picture of the cabbage two weeks ago seeing as how it would have been a picture of dirt.  But the only little seedlings have begun to sprout!

So it’s been two weeks with this garden and I must say, so far there hasn’t been much work to it!  I water it when it needs it and occasionally I’ll pick some leaves and such out of it.  Other than that, maintenance free!

 Seeing it everyday I’ve had the impression not much is happening.  I see now though that it’s really been growing!  I’m so excited!!  No blossoms or budding yet, but that’s going to come soon.  Right?