Positive Reinforcement, first door on the left…

Meredith:  oh but before I stop chatting, let me just say that I really like your pictures. Just sayin.  And I am finding in looking at them that I prefer the natural light WAY better then using a flash.

Myra22:  See, until I got to that last part I thought u might be complimenting me and my creative ‘eye’. Then not so much. Wanh Wanh Waaaaaahhhhhh

Meredith:  no I made sure not to do that.

Meredith:  lol

Myra22:  Build ’em up and CHOP DEM BITCHES DOWN!!!!!

Meredith:  You really did do a good job though.

Meredith:  Good eye! Good eye!

Myra22:  It’s not such a good compliment anymore. Moment’s lost. God’s probably pretty happy about the sunshine compliment tho.

Meredith:  sunshine?

Myra22:  The natural light.

Meredith:  oh wow!

Meredith:  lol

Meredith:  lol

Meredith:  thats funny

Myra22:  Go God.

Meredith:  lol

Meredith:  ok im getting to work!

Meredith:  ill holler at ya stank ass later

Meredith:  🙂

Myra22:  Peace out, ho.


Yes, we call each other friends.  lol

Here’s one of those  ‘natural light’ shots for your viewing pleasure.

Click on the picture to link over to Mer’s food blog.   She’s da bomb.  Most of the time.  😉

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