The 70’s are back! (1870’s, that is.)

I’m your huckleberry….

Raise of hands….  Who thinks this is sexy?  The molasses-slow Southern drawl; the mustache; that tough, can’t-beat-me-on-your-best-day kind of fella….  Bring it into the 21st century.  Is this sexy?

About a month ago a new foreman started in my company.  The first (and probably only) thing I noticed about him was the mustache.  Thicker than Val’s up there, but along the same lines.  The mustache and Doc Holliday, that’s what I thought. 

I admit, I was intrigued.  He didn’t talk much from what I saw, just walked around looking like a darker haired, blue-eyed Val Kilmer.  I wanted so badly to talk to this guy who’d obviously just walked out of his role as an extra on Tombstone.  What kind of guy is this?  Seriously.  Who looks like this?  It’s 2011!!  He had to be either a little crazy, or the most interesting person I may ever meet.

A few weeks later he sauntered into my office asking for something.  As he walked out he said, in his deep molasses-slow Southern drawl, ‘Thank you kindly.’  Oh. Em. Geeeee.  I could have melted into my chair on the spot.  You have got to be kidding me. 

I called a lady I work with, ‘Hey, this new guy….what’s up with him?  How old is he?’ 

(flipping through papers)  ‘It says he’s 23, why?’  I’m 32.  FML.

About a week later he’s slowly beginning to open up a bit.  I can’t stop myself from giggling every. single. time. he walks out of my office.  Because he’s always saying something Tombstone-y like, ‘Thank ye kindly.’   

Two days ago I saw his arms.  Tanned and muscle-y.  The earth shifted on its axis. 

It may have not been the case before, but it’s official now.  I am a cougar.  Rawr.


Edited to add this because it’s awesomely fantastic. An IM conversation with my friend:

Meredith:  i dont really think there is anything wrong with it as long as he is mature. and apparently he is was mature. like 1800’s mature
Myra22:  MEREDITH!!!!!! What if it’s a Tombstone-y Edward????
Meredith:  wow! ok simmer down
Myra22:  I bet I’m his la tua cantante.
Meredith:  im signing off now
Myra22:  lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Meredith:  holy crap
Myra22:  I’m ur favoritest person.
Meredith:  you’re definitely up there
Myra22:  I’m gonna be a little scared of the Volturi tho, when we go to ask if I can be his even tho I’m human. I mean, I read the book. I know what they’re capable of.
Meredith:  If in about an hour Im not responding to anything you are typing, you may want to call 911 cause I just took some possible sinus medication. I found it in my car and i think its like from 2004. and i wasnt really sure that thats what it was. so just hope it works.
Meredith:  Ok you have to stop
Meredith:  and by “works” i mean, doesnt kill me
Myra22:  If u start to die, I’ll have one of his sisters come bite you.
Meredith:  i cant even respond to that
Myra22:  I can’t put into words how this whole conversation makes my heart sing.
Meredith:  im feeling puke-ish
Myra22:  I’m feeling immortal.

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