Challenge Issued.

Let me start off by saying…..FINALLY!!!!!!  She’s all mine!!

(not actually her)

With her 2 front window cracks, her leaky oil sending unit, her bad wheel bearing, and every single one of her 170,000+ miles…the girl is finally mine!  Signed, sealed, delivered.  I couldn’t be happier! 

This is the first car I’ve ever bought – start to finish – and I did it completely 100% by myself.  She.  Is.  Mine.  I made the final payment last week. 

She’s been awesome so far, so here’s to several more car payment-free years with her. 


So I’m issuing a new challenge to myself beginning this morning.  Actually more than one but let’s stay focused for the moment.

I am challenging myself to eat healthier on a more consistent basis.  This means no more easy-bake fast food.  Or a substantial cut in consumption anyway.  I must make efforts to actually go shopping for groceries, bring them home, and make something to eat with them.  And then eat it.

This also includes making myself wake up 20 minutes earlier each morning in order to have a healthy breakfast at home before work.  Cereal, smoothie, fruit…whatever.  It just has to be healthier than fast food, and it has to be consumed at home.

This is a challenge for me because a) I do not enjoy grocery shopping.  At all. ; b) I don’t think I’m that good of a cook which means I don’t even like to try; and c) I don’t always feel like cooking.  When that happens, I rarely force myself to do it.  As in Burger King, I’m on my way.  Did I mention I normally wake up at 4:50 AM to get ready for work so this also means waking up at 4:30?  Not looking forward to that either.

I’m gonna give it the ol’ college try though.  My goal is to be a healthier me.  I’ve already started walking with a friend twice a week.  Now I’m going to throw in healthy eating.  So Week 1….Here I go.

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