Of Beaches and Babies…er, No Babies.

Where was I this weekend?

Right here, that’s where!!

I had a cold but fantastic long weekend on the beach.  Sleeping in, lazing around, eating good food, and taking pictures.  It was a very nice break from the norm.

Here’s a few more shots I took.  Rubbing it in?  Never.

When I go to the beach I get a new picture obsession every time…and by obsessing I mean literally hundreds of pictures, searching for that perfect one.  Previous visits have focused on action water shots, cresting waves, and of course animals of any kind are always on my list.  This time is was water foam but a few trips back I decided I wanted to get a bird in flight.  Guess what?  I got it this time!  Boo yaaaahhh!!!  Who’s a zen master now?!?!


So a little update on Bean.  In one of my last updates I mentioned another woman just had his baby.  Well, Saturday I spoke with his mom (we’re friends, remember?) and she told me, ‘Meh, not so much’.  Turns out they had a DNA test done and he is NOT the father.

It’s a sad situation, really.  The mother said all along that she wasn’t absolutely sure it was his.  But he’s one of those guys who will probably be a great dad because he accepted the situation, even though they weren’t together, and he took responsibility.  I know seeing the baby and getting to know the baby for a few weeks now made it all the more difficult.  

But I hadn’t heard from him really since last Sunday night and on Saturday when I was talking to his mom she told me the sad news.  I feel horrible for him, I really do.  I wish I could do something to comfort him even though we’re not together and I haven’t heard from him in a week.  Maybe I’m a sucker like that.  Doomed to be a doormat.  Despite having written him off for not calling all week, after the latest news I find myself hoping to hear from him once again.  Have I ever mentioned I despise roller coasters?  Ironic, really.

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