Well, my high school-esque crush is having to take a detour at the moment.  Or a permanent vacation, whatever.  Turns out a new baby with another woman isn’t so conducive to starting a new relationship.  Go figure.

Anyway, he’s faded to the wayside and left me in limbo I guess.  I do completely understand it’s a difficult situation so I do not completely close the door on him.  Maybe later is all I can give it at this point.  If I’m still available.

In other news, I’ve ordered tarot cards.  I mention them here in a previous post.  I did my first reading and the condensed version is that I’m ready for the new chapter in my love life.  Hallelujah and Praise the Lord!!! 

A specific reading regarding the situation with that crush – Bean – showed what I assume to be the baby mama as what is holding us back right now.  I would assume that refers to his feelings for her.  But for the future it actually shows a pretty awesome outcome.  So we shall see I guess.

Anyway, disappointed but I’m glad it didn’t get more involved before the baby showed up.  This way it didn’t get ugly and you never know what may happen in the end.

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