The itch is returning.

No, not that kind of itch. Ew. I got an email yesterday that told me I could get a roundtrip flight to London these days for $3 – 400. Immediately I’m thinking in my head, ‘That’s practically cheap enough to justify making an extended weekend hop across the pond!’ And then I felt that itch – the one I get sometimes when I look at the interstate a certain way. The itch to go

Now, London I’ve done already but I haven’t done Italy…or Spain…or Ireland…or the Czech Republic….or…you get the picture.  I haven’t been anywhere since October. It’s time to break out the suitcase again soon. I can feel it. 


So I just realized I haven’t said much about this new thing I love. 

Oh sweet, sweet Kindle! It was my present to myself for Christmas this year and oh how I love it so!

So here’s a dirty little secret…I’m one of those dorks who uses a purse to carry my books. (Not only books, but they’re in there.)  I’m talking two or more at a time. It goes without saying, my back and shoulder are weeping with joy.

Not only am I 5 – 7 pounds lighter these days, but I am also reading more!  Since Christmas I’ve already completed 3 1/2 books. One of which was Little Women which is epically long. And at the moment John Grisham has my attention and my heart with the return to his law drama roots via The Confession.

Anyway, if you’re a reader and don’t already have one I would highly recommend heading over to Amazon immediately. Most highly deserving of the hype surrounding it.  Amazing!


Another thing I’m loving right now is VideoJug. Not familiar? Pure awesomeness! Is there something you’ve wanted to know how to do but never learned? Draw? Speed read? Roast a chestnut? Stop procrastinating?  Well, this site has it!  There are tons of videos about virtually any subject you can think of.  I personally, have drawn a cartoon castle, frog, and dog already. Next up is how to knit! Seriously, check it out!


And lastly, I read a post this morning giving the proper grammatical etiquette of spaces after periods. I click on it with this high and mighty air as I have pretty much convinced myself I am the end all and be all of grammatical perfection. Wrong!!! It’s one space, not two! 

This has put a serious cramp in my typing flow. I’ll be typing and two paragraphs later realize I’ve been two-spacing again. Drat! Back to the top I go to check all my sentence breaks.  Of course I have to remove a space in all of them. Couple of minutes spent and now I’ve gotta read everything I’ve already written to catch back up with where I am. I just needed to vent. Darn you, Knowledge!