Hey look, it’s Thursday!

This Daily Post thing on WordPress….I went there this morning thinking, ‘Oh yay, ideas on what to blog about!’  But as I browsed through the suggested topics I kind of felt a little wrong.  Like a cheater!  And then I also have to wonder, if I steal one of these ideas and by some miracle someone comes to read my blog, what if they recognize the topic and know what I did?!?!  Oh the horror!

Needless to say, I did not choose a topic to blog about.  Instead, I stole the whole page and wrote about THAT!  So ha!  I beat the system!

Anyway, I woke up last night around 10 (Yes, 10 PM!  And there’s no need to get into why someone younger than 64 is asleep at such an early hour…I already know.) to find that my power was off.  Problem is, I live in the south where we’re in the middle of a “winter storm” (which I know people up north are getting a big laugh out of seeing as how it translates into “We have more than 1″ of snow” and they picnic in weather that warm).  Regardless I wake up to my house fah-reeeeeeeezing(!!!) while I’m sooo toasty warm under my covers. 

At this point most people would roll over and go back to sleep.  Not me.  I have to wrestle the sane part of my brain to get out of bed and make sure it’s not just my house.  Discover it’s not, get back under my toasty warm covers to then wonder if the outage has been reported.  I mean, it’s 10…surely everyone is asleep like I am and there’s no one awake to report it!  One more fighting match with sanity before I hop out of bed again and rifle through my files to find an old bill with the phone number on it.  Mind you, I sleep in a t-shirt so this is me, a t-shirt and some house shoes doing all this trekking.  If my legs could deattach and kick me in the face I’m sure they would have. 

So, back under my toasty warm covers, bill in hand, I snuggle in and dial the number – three times because it’s busy.  Finally get through and Ms. Electronic Listening Machine can’t understand a word I’m saying.

Me:  “Power Problem”
Ms. ELM:  “Did you say ‘Payment Options’?”
Me:  “No.”
Ms. ELM:  “I’m sorry.  You can say ‘Power Problem’, ‘Payment Options’, ‘Change Information’, or ‘More Options’.”
Me:  “Power.  Problem.”
Ms. ELM:  “Did you say ‘More Options’?”
Me:  “No!”
Ms. ELM:  “I’m sorry.  You can say ‘Power Problem’, ‘Payment Options’, ‘Change Information’, or ‘More Options’.”
Me:  “Power!  Problem!”
Ms. ELM:  “Ok.  Power Problem.  Now tell me what you need.  You can say ‘Power Outtage’, ‘Service Problem’, or ‘Return to the main menu’.”
Me:  Fucking shit. 

I finally get the power outage reported and it tells me I’ve got about a 2 3/4 hour wait  by their estimation.  Awesome.  Snuggled in my bed I suddenly decide I need a candle to light.  One more wrestling match later out of bed I go, running to get that and a lighter.  Back under toasty warm covers, eyes closed, trying to fall back asleep I’m trying to ignore the sadistic back part of my mind where visions of me knocking the candle over in my sleep and dying a fire-y death are dancing.  I try refocusing which then leads me to begin wondering about my little dog Mugzee and how he’s faring in his bed/crate.  Even though it’s mostly covered already, I envision him lying there trembling like a little leaf with ‘Mommy’ up in her toasty warm bed.  It doesn’t take long for guilt to override my survival instinct as once more I leave my bed, this time to check on Mugzee.

I find him even toastier than I am curled up in his little bed sleeping.  I’ve never been one to leave well enough alone though so I open the crate and wake him from his slumber to put a towel over him.  In the meantime I’ve let all the warmth out of his crate.  But back to bed I go, snuggle in, eyes closed, wondering again about the likelihood of burning my house down and Mugzee begins whining.  He’s probably just thinking it’s morning and wondering why I didn’t let him out of bed, but in my mind he’s freezing for realz this time because I let all the warm air out.  I spend a good 10 minutes debating how to solve the problem and finally decide to pull out an old comforter to throw over his crate.  One more wrestling match and I’m off to find the comforter.  Find it, lay it over his crate and position it just right where he can still get some fresh air, stand up to head back to my toasty warm bed and wouldn’t you know it, the power comes back on.