The windfall fails again

I don’t know why but every time I receive a paycheck I am under the distinct impression I am about to be rich.  So sure of this impending windfall I’m receiving, I begin making a mental list about 5 days out of all the things I’m going to do with my riches.

I’ve been receiving paychecks for at least 18 years now and to date that windfall has not arrived.  However, I continue to believe my resources are unlimited.  This week’s list included tires, an alignment, and new brakes on my car…new clothes for me…something for my dog…  I mean, seriously.  Then I took a glimpse at the pay stub.

Sidelined by Reality’s bitch ass once again today as I scanned my bills.  I never did like math all that much.  As I watched the money dwindle away, I also watched that mental list whittle down and down and down until I’m only left with one item.

$300.  Not for four tires, for two tires.  Left my mental list smoldering in that imaginary world where I was already rolling nude in my money bed.  *sigh*  But, at least I can do the tires.  I’ve been putting that big ticket item off for about two months now so yay for progress!!  lol

Now next time….Christmas gifts…alignment…

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