High Altitudes

Does anyone else get a little stir-crazy when on a plane?  It can sometimes drive me insane when I’m really bored.  I mean, you’re trapped there so it’s natural, right?  It doesn’t happen on every flight, but on the way over to San Francisco we had one connection.  It was that second flight…that’s what brought it out of me.  Sure, I brought a book.  As a matter of fact, I think I had two in my purse.  I also brought an MP3 player.  But I was exhausted, I was fidgety, and I was slowly losing my mind. 

Look, I was in the worst spot to be in a plane.  You know where I’m talking about!  That dreaded center seat.  And it was night time so it was dark outside.  I cringe now just thinking about it. 

I did it to myself though.  The three people with me all had seats on a row to themselves and I was the odd man out.  When booking I chose an available seat in the row behind them but the only seat available was the center.  I’ve never had a center seat without someone I know on one side of me, and I can assure you I will never do that to myself again.  That flight was like my own personal hell. 

Fortunately on the way back I flew alone and I was intelligent enough to choose window seats.  Some people prefer aisle…no, no, no.  The window seats are where it’s at!!  I did all kinds of things to entertain myself.  There was a little TV for me to watch so I did that of course while I made two mini-silent films with my camera, and whenever I got bored doing that, I just took some shots out the window!  It’s beautiful but it’s also fascinating to see all the different landscapes across our beautiful land.  Here’s a few I took:

The clouds dazzle me every single time I fly.

It’s all so beautiful isn’t it?  One of my favorite things to do when I fly is take pictures of things down below.  Not everyone gets to see the world like that, even other people on the flight don’t usually pay any attention to what’s passing below them.  Engrossed in books or laptops or napping….  So I feel kind of special when I fly.  Like the world is putting on a little picture show just for me.

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