San Francisco – Day Three

So our third and final day in San Francisco of course began with breakfast at Pergamino’s.  Yum!  I finally found my pic of the restaurant…

Sorry about it being so dark.  This is actually taken on a little solo stroll I took on the last night. 

Anyway, breakfast at Pergamino’s then we headed up to the Golden Gate Park looking for the De Young museum.  They’re currently having a Van Gogh exhibition and since he’s my favorite artist, I wanted to check it out.  Walking through the park you pass the arboretum where we saw some lovely flowers.

Unfortunately for me, you can only view De Young exhibitions while on a scheduled tour and the next available ticket was for 3:30 which was about 5 or 6 hours off.  I couldn’t make it.  Disappointing, but I got to see some Van Gogh in London so it wasn’t that big a deal.

We all ate clam chowder in the area across the street, bought from Sam’s Chowder Mobile and it was delicious.  After brunchy-lunch our party split into 2’s and my group went to visit Haight & Ashbury.

I wasn’t aware but this is apparently a popular sign to photograph.  I personally did not get the draw.

Haight and Ashbury is quite an interesting and eclectic mix of stores and people.  We stopped for a coffee and crepe at one of the little shops there, then walked along Haight on our way to the Castro District.  While walking I got really excited when I saw a used book store until I walked just a few steps further to where the sign was no longer partially covered by tree limbs and saw it was actually an anarchist collective store.  Did a quick U-Turn on that one.  Like I said, lots of interesting shops.  I actually enjoyed the whole atmosphere of it.

We then planned to do a little walking tour of the Castro District hoping to see some of the remodeled homes along the streets.  Unfortunately day three was a foggy, windy, chilly day and after a block or two we decided to go ahead and grab a cab to meet up with the other party.

Straight to Pier 39!!  Cold weather aside, I had a great time at the pier.  This is one of the big ones with lots of shops to peruse and also a nice collection of sea lions. 

These guys were loud and they smell bad, but they’re just so darn cute!  Who can resist?

So we ate dinner at the Sea Lion Cafe on the pier, then we kind of wandered around the different shops buying a few souvenirs here and there.  We had an early morning the next day so after that little bit of retail therapy we all headed back to the hotel for rest and relaxation. 

I ended up taking a little stroll (mentioned earlier) down the street and took a few night time pics.

We’d actually stopped at the little ice cream shop there on the first day and had ice cream sundaes.  They were fantastic!

San Francisco was an absolute blast, Yosemite was beautiful, and I had the best people with me to enjoy it with.  I may not have everything I want yet in life, but I do have some amazing friends that I wouldn’t trade the world for.

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