San Francisco – Day One

All righty, so I’m a wee bit late….   I’ve had the pictures with me since Monday – in fact, I even arrived late at work so I could load them onto a flash drive – but I’ve been putting this post off ever since.  I’m a procrastinator – it’s what I do.

So yeah, myself and three friends flew to San Francisco for a long weekend just last week. 

We had a BLAST!!!  The flight arrived late in the evening and I was pretty sure I’d arrived in the wrong country after the cab ride to the hotel.  Seriously, I haven’t seen driving like that since I went to Mexico.  I’m fairly certain we hit two other cars, took out a fire hydrant or three, and ran over an old woman all on our way out of the airport parking lot alone.   

On the interstate the van didn’t get below 92 mph and once we finally hit the city, we took the hills like we were felons running from the law with a dead body in the trunk and glocks glued to our hands.  Those hills in San Francisco are no joke.  Some of them you don’t see the road ahead of you until you actually begin down them so shooting down them at 68 miles an hour was quite the adrenaline kick.  When we finally pulled to a stop at the hotel I think we all breathed a sigh of relief and did a few Hail Marys regardless of the fact none of us are Catholic.

The next day we were up bright and early to do a little exploring.  We headed across the street to this adorable little cafe – Pergamino – for breakfast. 

We all loved it so much this became our 1st stop of each morning.  The cafe was precious, the food was fantastic, and the staff was amazing.  One particular employee even became our unofficial tour guide and we didn’t begin a day without running our plans by him to make sure we were getting the best of the best.

Day One began with the obligatory ride to Union Square on the rail car. 

I rode with one friend standing on the side where I could hang off and take pictures of the city.  I’m a wild and crazy daredevil like that.  The ride was so much fun!  Some beautiful views of the streets and some adorable townhomes. 

Union Square was pretty busy.  Lots of shopping down there though the only thing we shopped for was alcohol.  Ended up at Lefty O’Douls where I wondered over the connection between him and Marilyn Monroe because she was plastered all over the restaurant/bar.  Here’s what I found out…Lefty served as Best Man in her wedding to Joe DiMaggio.  Ta daaaa!  So I enjoyed a little liquor and we even got a corned beef sandwich to split.  Thing was AMAZING!!!

Next we moseyed on over to Chinatown.  There were quite a few shops along the street that had these fantastical blown glass chandeliers and ivory carvings.  After a while we decided to stop for lunch at one of the restaurants.  By this time it’s mid-day or early afternoon.  The sun’s out and it’s actually pretty warm.  I’ll go ahead and warn you – no air conditioners, at least in Chinatown.  Every shop and restaurant was stifling hot.  It took a few tries before we found a place with at least a fan set up to rotate air.

Talk about high pressure sales!  There was a lady on the street who was trying to herd people into the restaurant we were headed to.  She handed us all a menu brochure and then personally escorted us to the front door.  On the 25 yard trek to the door another restaurant lady came up trying to divert us in another direction.  Fortunately we did end up making it safely to our destination.  Food was good and then we were off to the next location.

I’ve always thought of myself as having a good sense of direction.  Let me not be shy, I’ve often wondered if I didn’t have an innate psychic-like sense of direction…a built in compass, if you will.  I have even considered telling the authorities about my gift so they could study me, because surely it’s only selfish to keep such a gift to myself.  However, I am slowly beginning to doubt my abilities – not in direction directly, mind you – but in map reading.  I spent a good 2 minutes on the street corner looking at a small map, turning it this way and that, trying to figure out which rail car we needed to get on in order to get back to Fisherman’s Wharf.  I won’t make excuses about how I had a friend squawking in my ear the whole time with her own ideas.  I’ll just say we ended up on the completely wrong car, going the completely wrong direction. 

So after rerouting and finally heading in the direction we needed, we finally made it back to Fisherman’s Wharf in one piece.  Or four, depending.  Finally we ended up at the Blue Mermaid for dinner.

The food was amazing!  After dinner we all waddled ourselves back to the hotel.  It was bed time and we were up for an early morning the next day. 

Coming up next:  Day trip to Yosemite!!

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