My Newest Addiction

I’m sure I’m probably the last person to climb aboard this bandwagon but better late than never!

Stumble Upon

Oh. My. God.  You go in, set up a few preferences, and it takes you on this amazing journey around the internet to different web sites, videos, and pictures it thinks you might like.  AND you can give each one a thumbs up or down if you want to better guide the selections.  It. Is. AMAZING!!!  I’m so going to get fired because of this site, but let me give you a little taste of my findings…

First off, in a list of the Top 10 Harmless Geek Pranks, I discovered I can have a computer wake my friends up at obnoxious hours just to give them any message I desire such as….’Cesar Milan is unhappy with the way the Obamas walk their dog.  Just thought you should know.’  AT 2:41 IN THE MORNING!!!  Boo Yaaaa!!!!!  That’s over at

I also found this little creepster…

This guy is a transparent ice fish who has no red blood cells and glycerol in its blood acting as antifreeze.  He happens to be one of the species found during a 10-year project done by the British Antarctic Survey to chart the biodiversity of the oceans.  Interesting, yes?

I discovered that Lifehackers may be the best internet site in the universe.  Literally.

Also, KFC is rolling out reusable side containers.  They’re making an effort to be more green and reduce their use of nonrenewable resources and foam packaging.  Go KFC!

I even got some courtroom humor…

Lawyer: ‘Can you describe what the person who attacked you looked like?’
Witness: ‘No, he was wearing a mask.’
Lawyer: ‘What was he wearing under the mask?’
Witness: ‘Er…his face.’

Like I said….AMAZING!!!!  (Yes, I am singing that word.)  I may never be able to stop stumbling now.   How could I?  There’s so much to see!!  Now what are you waiting for?!?!?  Go ahead and start your own addiction!!  Hurry!

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