Last week’s summation…..*eye roll*

Between the co-worker who continues to proposition me for a hook-up, and the guy online who messaged me for the third time without any response, the week was pretty exasperating in online dating land.

First with the co-worker…..he’s been doing this for a few months at the least.  I usually take it with a grain of salt and joke around with him.  However, after Playboy left me I really didn’t have it in me to play along anymore.  I don’t know why it was so painful to me, but it was.  So I’ve told the co-worker no less than 58 times in the past few weeks that I am not looking for a hook-up.  I have explained to him that I just got out of a situation that was apparently just a hook-up on the other person’s part and I got hurt so I’m obviously not looking for a repeat.  I would have gotten better results talking to a goat’s ass.

Yes, he continues almost every day.  I nearly lost it last week when, after telling him again I wasn’t interested in what he was offering, he started hinting that he was looking for more too.  Fortunately his self-preservation gene kicked in right before I drop kicked him in the throat.  I had my Karate Kid swan hands ready and everything.

I can’t really say for certain what Playboy was doing in the “relationship” with me.  I won’t speak for him, but I will tell you how he left me feeling….like a doormat.  Like a fool.  Like an idiot.  When the two friends who knew about the situation would try to tell me I was heading for heartbreak, I chose to believe him.

I went and told him when my friends would talk to me about how guys don’t leave their girlfriends for the other woman.  He told me that wasn’t him.  I believed him.

I told him when she said, ‘He keeps you around because you are an ego boost.  You’re new…You laugh at his jokes…You think he’s great…that’s why you’re there.’  He told me that wasn’t true.  I believed him.

And when I told him ‘(My friend) said you’d never leave your girlfriend’ a few days later he told me he left her.  I believed him again.  But that was the kiss of death because it wasn’t three weeks later he took the one opportunity I gave him to leave, but not just leave…to leave when he could blame it on me.  He took that and a big piece of my heart and he ran.

Ok….woah…I got lost in my head for a minute there!  lol  I brought Playboy up to say I just got out of a situation with someone who told me what I wanted to hear, and when the co-worker even looked like that’s what he was about to do, I could have screamed.  And attacked.  lol  I did actually start to tear up.  I don’t know if it was pain or anger, but I almost lost it.

Guys, have a heart.  Please.  That’s all I’m asking.  Just have a heart.

Anyway, on the dating site I got 4 emails last week.  One from a guy who’s emailed me twice before.  His latest….’GOOD MORN’.  Seriously.  Two words and he couldn’t even make it all the way through the second one.  I doubt you have to wonder why I haven’t responded.

Two other guys I just wasn’t interested in.  They did email more than the first but I didn’t respond.  I realize that I should give guys a chance, that there’s occasionally a ‘diamond in the rough’.  I feel a little guilt when I do write people off without trying but sometimes the whole thing is so exasperating I just don’t have the desire to try.

Lastly, the cutie who emailed me two weeks or so ago that I never heard back from?  He emailed me again.  I’m not really sure what to think of it as this email is exactly -word for word – the same as the first.  However, after asking a friend she suggested maybe he didn’t get my first one.  So, I’ve sent him my contact information.  We shall see what happens.  However, if it doesn’t catch this time, I’m not trying with him again.  lol

Ooh, I almost forgot.  A guy I used to work with called me at the office last week.  He’s newly single and mentioned maybe getting together this week.  This is a guy I had a little crush on back when we worked together.  Nothing was ever done because he was married.  He’s been gone maybe a year now and in that time apparently separated from his wife.  So I figure maybe I’ll see what’s going on there.

And to update – last week I mentioned that I emailed a guy and we’d exchanged contact information.  Well, we chatted the next day on a messenger program.  Despite him describing himself as outgoing and ‘the life of the party’, chatting with him was like pulling teeth.  For the most part he didn’t offer much.  I finally gave up and asked if he’d like to talk on the phone or get together sometime thinking maybe it was just being on the computer.  He agreed so we exchanged phone numbers but I haven’t heard from him since.  Another one bites the dust….  lol

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