Online Dating… *head smack*


‘hey how r u doing’

‘Hi’ then ‘how r u?’

These are all emails that I have received in the two weeks I’ve listed myself on a free online dating site.  Emails….as in this-is-all-it-said-in-the-entire-message emails from three separate men.  You may have noticed, it took Guy #3 two messages to ask how I was doing.  Apparently squeezing them into the same one was a little too cramped for him.

My first two or three days of online dating I was nice and would respond.  ‘Hey’ or ‘I’m good, thanks.  U?’  I quickly learned it’s much like the ‘honeymoon’ period of a relationship.  That’s the best you’re gonna get from those guys.  Understandably, I’m not so generous these days.

I mean, I don’t need a book of your life’s history (and yes, I have received one of those too) but give me something to go on here!  Make a little effort!  Just a short little, ‘Wanted to see if you’re interested in chatting sometime’.  Anything!


‘good morning beautiful’

‘Hello there sweetie!~!~!~!’ and then ‘Hello there sunshine’

I’m going to overlook the guy who used squiggly marks with the exclamation points mainly because, wth do you say to that?

These are subject lines on other emails I have received.  At least these two guys wrote more than 4 words inside the message so I give them credit for that.  However, the terms of endearment make me cringe no matter who sends them.

I will admit though, I have a bit of a double standard on this.  I get called ‘sweetie’ or ‘honey’ or ‘darlin’ around work all the time and it barely registers.  Take it over to a dating site and it’s like I have spiders crawling all over me.  It really gets under my skin.


So anyway, I’m now on Day 18 of Online Dating.  Not a lot of promising results so far.  Two guys have emailed me that I was somewhat interested in.  One turned out to be a skeez asking for nude pictures (Um…no!).

It was strange because we’re having this normal exchange via email (using it more like an IM program) and out of nowhere I get a second email from him (while the other is still in progress) asking if I have any more pictures of myself.

Me:  ‘I posted 4 or 5 on my profile.  What kind of pictures are you talking about?’

*normal email continues*

Him:  ‘I don’t want to make you uncomfortable or anything by asking for naked pictures.  But if there are pictures you are comfortable sending…’

Seriously.  I was dumb enough to continue the normal email thinking maybe I was taking it wrong.  He continued to then ask if I live in a house or apartment, and if I live alone.  Why did I bother?

The other I responded to but he never contacted again.  This one I was pretty disappointed about because he was cute and sounded like a nice guy on the profile.

On the plus side, I emailed a guy yesterday and as of this morning we exchanged contact info but haven’t actually spoken outside of that yet.  We’ll see how that turns out.

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