I swear, I have been inundated with a swarm of piece of shit men for the past two weeks.  For one, a man I love just broke my heart and left me.  Oh my God how it hurts!  And I find myself wondering, if he really loved me like he said he did, how could he have left me like that and for the reason he left?  Which, that thought hurts even more because if that’s the case it means he wasn’t the man I thought he was.  Dear Jesus I miss him though.  Still.  I find myself wishing he would find his way back somehow.  Like, come back and get back on track, but without the issues from before.  lol  I can really put myself through some stuff sometimes…..

But after he leaves it’s like I have a billboard over my head advertising, ‘Dump Extra Cow Shit Here’.  WTF is going on?!?!?  Two married men….two of them!!!!!!!!!… the past two weeks have approached me.  One “happily” married except his wife won’t give it up.  He wants me to be his fuck buddy, aka doormat.  And another comes leaning against my desk at work every morning now making stupid assed comments about seeing my breasts or ‘having some medicine for me’.  Are there any married men who are faithful to their wives these days?  Sheesh.

Then there’s the single guy who contacts me and seems relatively normal, that is until the ‘Do you have any naked pictures’…’Do you live in a house or apartment’…’Do you live alone’ questions start flying at me out of nowhere.  Skeez.  Another single guy at work with ‘medicine for me’ comments… seriously, we need some new pick-up lines.

I did have one single, seemingly normal, attractive man contact me, but after I responded I never heard from him again.  It figures.

You may have assessed that I joined a free dating site recently.  It was really to get my mind off Playboy, but what has it brought me so far?  One of the married men, the creepy skeez, and the single guy who never contacted me again.  Others have contacted me but they were even less pointless than these guys so yeah, I really want to poke my eyeballs out at this point.  Frustrated doesn’t really begin to describe it.

Will I ever find a man worth a darn?  I just want one!!

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