London, here I come!

Well, I’m finally all prepared for my trip to London this month!  Prepared but not packed, that is.

Let me tell you though, this little procrastinator has her pertinent information all neat and typed up including flight info, hotel info (yes, I finally reserved a hotel), a list of what I want to do that includes cost (in both currencies!!!), and a basic itinerary.  That itinerary is NO. JOKE. because this girl found a web site ( that gives distance and walking directions from one location to another which I included in my itinerary.

Not only do I have my pertinent information organized, I have a file folder of awesome.  More detailed information and miscellaneous whatever-I-printed-out all grouped in one handy dandy manila folder that I have carried with me for about a month now in various stages of completion.  Now though, everything is complete.  Hotel’s done, itinerary’s mapped out, and I even booked a day tour.

I guess I could sum it up by saying that my best friend, who is Queen of List-Making, would be proud.  It is hella awesome.  I feel like I’m about as prepared as a person can possibly be without having actually traveled there before.

With all that said, I am equally excited and nervous about my trip.  I’ve done solo road trips before around the states – mainly to see hockey games – but I’ve never done a huge international trip like this, much less solo.  Scary, scary!!  But I think the worst part will be getting there.  Once I’m there I think I’ll be ok.  It’s that initial nervousness about venturing into the unknown.

Regardless, I will do it.  No going back now!  Bring on the fun, London!

One thought on “London, here I come!

  1. I am sure I would be proud! I can not tell you how excited I am for you and all that you are going to experience on your London Extravaganza. It’s going to be fantastic, I just know it! Love me some you~

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