Just some pics…

Being outside is like home to me.  Nothing is more beautiful than nature, in my opinion.  Around here I like to get out and walk/hike trails.  So this weekend, being as it was the first pretty, warm days we’ve had in forever, I got out at the local arboretum and walked the trails for about an hour and a half.

I always take a camera because I’m a nut for nature pics. I’m that girl that will come back with 12 pictures of the same flower.  Or 38 pictures of the same bird.  This is the bird looking at me….This is the bird eating a berry….This is the bird up close….This is the bird far away….From the right….From the left….From behind…. Yeah, I’m that girl.  My friends tease me on the regular about that.

Anyway, here are a few I took:

Aside from a little green, this was about the only color I could find at this time of year.  Still pretty though with the sunshine, huh?

My second favorite photo of the day.  Now, if all pine trees looked like this, I wouldn’t hate them so much.

And finally, my favorite pic of the day.  The intricacies of tree limbs sometimes can amaze me.  Isn’t it gorgeous?!?

There’s my pretty for the day.  Hope you have a great one!