Am I still a vegetarian if I eat a Chicken Sandwich?

I haven’t eaten meat since some time in November.  I don’t remember the exact date, but vegetarian-ism had been swirling around my mind for a while as I have a few friends who have “taken the plunge”.  It intrigued me.  So one day this past November I’m sitting at work with my mind rumbling along out in La La Land, as it often does.  I notice the time and it’s 10:42 AM.  (I remember this, but not the date…such is how my brain works.)  As I notice the time, I think to myself, ‘Hmmm…it’s 10:42 and I haven’t had any meat today….I wonder if I could become a vegetarian?’  And so began my vegetarian venture.

Surprisingly – to myself – I have found it to be quite agreeable with me.  I have made the comment more than once that I couldn’t go without meat.  However, it hasn’t been a big deal at all.  Most of the trouble – if you want to call it that – comes from people around me.  I live in the south and we live and die by our meat and potatoes so I get lots of shocked responses and disbelief.  Why would anyone want to go without meat?!?!?

Lots don’t really have any concept whatsoever of what vegetarianism is.  Which, to give them credit, there are lots of different ranges of vegetarians.  I personally do not eat meat, including fish, but I do eat dairy and eggs.  But I get lots of…’Oh she can eat that, fish isn’t meat.’ and ‘Why won’t you eat that?  It’s green beans.’  They don’t understand that the green beans aren’t the problem, it’s the bacon or whatever meat they cooked with it for flavor.

Almost no one understands the choice I made.  I have no semi-traditional response like, ‘for the environment’ or ‘for the animals’.  No real purpose behind it.  I did it to see if I could.  It just so happened I liked it and so it’s stuck.

That is, until this week.  Aside from when I let myself get beyond hungry to starving, I haven’t missed the meat.  Honestly, half of it looks gross to me now.  However, for two days I had the strongest craving for a chicken sandwich combo from Wendy’s.  Why, I have no clue.  I mean, if I’m going to eat meat there are lots of better choices to make.

Regardless, the craving was strong so I gave in.  I was somewhat intrigued as to what this would mean.  I assumed I would no longer be a vegetarian, that the dam would break and I would eat meat with every meal again.

I am happy to say that is not the case.  Happy because I enjoy not eating meat.  I ate that chicken sandwich and it sated my craving.  I have not craved nor consumed meat since.  It’s been a day or two now.

I guess some would look down on me for making such a slip.  Of course, there are others who look suspiciously because I haven’t made a slip before now.  Me being a vegetarian began as my own little whim with my own little reasons and rules.  It doesn’t necessarily fit into the pretty black or white box people like to put you in sometimes, but it’s mine.  This isn’t any different.  I ate a chicken sandwich, but I’m still a vegetarian.